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Save 20% with code PIPPI20

Procreate for Adults

with Alexa Zurcher

Procreate for Adults

with Alexa Zurcher

About this class

Do you love the Pippi Post artwork? Want to learn to create your own? My Procreate for Adults class is PERFECT for you! You'll learn everything from the basics of the Procreate App to the symmetry tool, and everything in between! Plus, you'll get access to exclusive brushes, colors, and layers, to create your own amazing artwork!

All lessons available immediately upon enrollment.

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Alexa Zurcher

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8 lessons

There are 8 video-based lessons to teach you how to get started in Procreate, including learning the basics, how to draw and letter, and tips for using layers, colors, brushes, and symmetry.

1 Hour

It will take about an hour to watch all of the videos and complete all of the assignments, but you’ll want to schedule extra time to practice these tips on your own!


Go at your own pace! All lessons will be available when you purchase, so you can work through the class content on a schedule that works for you.

Class Lessons

01: Basics

Start here to learn all the basic functions of Procreate!

02: Time Savers

Learn all my favorite shortcuts to save time while you’re drawing!

03: Colors

Learn how to choose all your favorite colors and make a palette!

04: Brushes

Learn how to sketch, ink, paint, create texture, and more! 

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